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Nonferrous Metal Casting Co., Ltd. specializes in non-ferrous metal casting, copper and aluminum castings, copper and aluminum casting, copper castings, aluminum castings, used in machinery, chemicals, light industry and textile, military, shipbuilding and other industries.

What is non-ferrous casting?

Non-ferrous metal materials, that is, all metals other than iron, chromium, and manganese. Non-ferrous metal materials are a class of metal materials, mainly copper, aluminum, lead and nickel. Its corrosion resistance depends to a large extent on its purity. After adding other metals, their mechanical properties generally increase, and their corrosion resistance decreases. Cold processing (such as stamping) can increase its strength but reduce its plasticity. The maximum allowable temperature: copper (and its alloy) is 250 °C, aluminum is 200 °C, lead is 140 °C, nickel is 500 °C.

Casting non-ferrous alloys: Refers to castings of different types of mechanical parts that are cast directly from non-ferrous metal materials.

With this process of casting, our company can cast castings, copper castings and copper handicrafts that satisfy your requirements according to your drawings. All are welcome to visit and purchase.

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